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Lasposa Bridal & Studio is located at SS2, Petaling Jaya, we provide various service from R.O.M to actual day wedding services. We always maintain up to date shooting style and gowns to all our customers. We have up to 500 gowns selection for our customer. We have indoor studio attached with our shop and various outdoor locations. 


Besides that, we also provide family portrait shooting at our studio. 


To achieve great customer satisfaction, we will ensure we understand what the customers need by frequently meeting customer, brainstorming with photographer before the shooting, gown alteration and customization if needed, Shooting can be a lot of fun with our photographer and make up artist. They are skilled and humorous.

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Business Hours : 11am - 6pm
(Monday Closed)

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Are you ready for the shooting day? 

Preparation for Photography. This is just a guideline


1)LADY :
-Wash your hair and face and do not apply sunscreen or any cosmetic on it
-Do not drink too much water the night before to prevent swollen eyes 
-Wear blouse with buttons 
-Bring your own high-heels in off white or silver colour
-Do manicure 1 day  before  photography session 
-Bring along your silicon bra
-Accessories are not necessary (except wedding ring)

-Wash your hair, face and don't have to style it
-Please shave appropriately
-Trim you hair 10 days before the wedding photo session 
-Bring your own shirt (white and others deep colour with long sleeves)
-Bring black colour pants and belt (blue jeans as well for outdoor)
-Bring black and off-white socks 
-Prepare your black leather shoes (polish it before photography day)
-Bring your own spectacles without glasses, if necessary (frame only)
-Bring your own coat if necessary 


-Bring own sandals for outdoor shooting 
-Please remember to bring your own solution for those wearing contact lens 
-Have your breakfast before photography session 
-Be punctual for your appointed photography time 
-Please  prepare your own  transport for outdoor shoot
-The photography studio is strictly not permitted for admission other than our staff
-Reminder - 45% from  the package ordered to be paid during photography session (by cash or cheque)

Our Services

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